Tapering Off Alcohol

If you are thinking about giving up drinking, you may be hesitating about walking away from that last drink. Many people are so fearful of withdrawal that they keep drinking so they do not have to experience it. There is a better way to face alcohol withdrawal. Tapering off may be the solution for you.


Consider some benefits of tapering off before you reach your decision. One important benefit is it can significantly reduce, and possibly eliminate, symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. You are less likely to experience the physical and mental pain that often accompanies cold-turkey quitting.

A second benefit is that you are in control of your choices and your behavior. When you begin to taper off, however long the process takes in your particular situation, and even when you have successfully stopped drinking, the choice of whether or not to drink is entirely up to you. Unlike popular recovery and treatment programs, there will be no pressure from anyone else. The decision to taper off is a decision that stresses personal choice and responsibility.

Third, it costs nothing, and can be accomplished from your own home. You do not need to pay for expensive treatment, or interrupt your everyday life.

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The process is not extremely complicated. It is also not new. This method has been used for generations. In the past, people did not have costly treatment programs or medications to help them control their drinking. Whether you want to stop drinking entirely, or simply drink less, it can be the method that works for you.


Guidelines for Tapering Off

You can start to taper off by limiting your alcohol consumption to beer. Beer has a lower alcohol content than other alcoholic beverages. Limit your beer consumption to only the amount you truly need. Each time you drink, reduce the amount you drink. Depending on your particular situation, the entire process can take a day or two, or up to a week.

It is important for you to stay as healthy as possible during this time. Make sure you consume plenty of fluids so you do not become dehydrated. Gatorade is better than water, as it will keep the electrolytes in your body balanced. You should also take vitamin supplements.

Whether you want to quit drinking entirely, or simply cut down, alcohol withdrawal is something you do not want to experience. Even the most minor withdrawal symptoms can be distressing. Shaking, headaches, nausea and an intense craving for more alcohol can cause you to drink to stop the symptoms.

Tapering off can also relieve symptoms that are more serious. If you stop drinking cold-turkey, you may experience paranoia, panic attacks, difficulties with your gastrointestinal system, insomnia, hallucinations and other problems. At its worst, withdrawal can involve delirium tremens, seizures, a stroke or a heart attack.

five friends huggingYour entire system is accustomed to alcohol and its effects. A reason the cold-turkey method is rarely effective is the body and mind cannot easily adjust to suddenly being deprived of alcohol. While cold-turkey withdrawal often results in unnecessary pain and misery, it has the potential to endanger your life.

You do not want to take any unnecessary chances with your health or your life. You do not want to experience symptoms that may be unbearable. If you are an average adult with a drinking problem, you also do not want someone else in charge of your body and your mind when you are going through this process.

It is not possible to know what withdrawal will be like. Each person is different, with his own health history and drinking history. If you have been drinking for many years, consume large amounts of alcohol or drink on a regular basis, these habits can make withdrawal more severe. If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure, these issues can also increase your risks.

Tapering off can lower your risks, and help you through alcohol withdrawal. You are not likely to feel your best when you begin this process, but a little inconvenience is well worth the effort. After you have completed the process, you will start to see the benefits. When you taper off successfully, detoxification will have taken place. The substance will no longer be in your body. Not only can your body return to normal, but so can your general health. While it may take some time, you can be healthier and stronger.

social drinkingMany individuals who have used this method were able to become social drinkers. They can drink moderately, and when it is appropriate. Others have enjoyed sobriety to the extent of never drinking again. A point that may interest you is that you can make the choice for yourself.

This method is not perfect for everyone, but it can be the method that works for you. You can be free from your dependency on alcohol, and enjoy a healthier life. If you have any serious health problems, or experience a health issue when you begin to taper off, consult with a physician immediately. However, you may be one of the many people who experience no serious problems at all. You can have health, freedom, and the ability to truly enjoy your own life.

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